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Thespians open "FOOLS" by Neil Simon

On November 8th in the Alhambra High School auditorium, Fools finally made its appearance on stage! This year the show was double cast with two rotating casts each night of the show, allowing for there to be 19 people in the play. One cast started off on November 8th, followed by another cast on November 9th.

The performers have been preparing together since late September for their shows. Through loads of practices and rehearsals, the cast was able to learn their characters and beautifully transform into them. At rehearsal, the cast learned blocking, breathing techniques, and character work. Performers were joined by their hardworking technicians for the last week and a half before opening night.

The November 8 cast was extremely nervous being the first to perform, but were able to pull off an amazing show. They had people laughing their heads off meaning that their goal was met. After the show, the cast felt relieved and satisfied with their performance. The November 9 cast was also able to pull off an amazing show. The audience was impressed by how well put together the show was. Mark Nisall, an audience member, said that he enjoyed how hilariously everyone played their character and how the set design was built.

Closing week for Fools will be November 15th and 16th. If you haven’t seen Fools already, you should go see it!

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