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Thespians March in Homecoming Parade

October 25th was the day of the Homecoming game and also the very first time Thespians walked in the parade! After hearing that the Thespians will walk the parade, the Thespian Cabinet and Thespian Spirit Committee came together to help create the poster for their walk. They collaborated on ideas and helped decorate the poster. The ending result of the poster was a stage with red curtains, two Thespians masks, and “Thespians” painted in the middle. Anyone in Thespians was welcomed to walk the parade.

Everyone met up on Fourth Street was ready to walk! Although the weather was scorching hot, it did not stop the Thespians from parading proudly and showing their Thespian spirit. Thespian President Stephaney Knapp helped get the energy going by shouting out the Thespian Troupe chant to her members. Shortly after, they arrived to Moor Field where the game was played. Alhambra was against Bell Gardens, and though the game was very close, Alhambra was able to remain victorious and win their Homecoming game. The final score was 23-14. The Thespians had a great time at the parade and game and will forever remember it.

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