New club attendance rules

What's changing?

  • Inducted Thespians and those earning points towards induction are required to attend a minimum of 2 meetings per month.

  • You will be given a warning about poor attendance before being considered "in poor standing" which carries consequences.

  • If "in poor standing" you can get back into "good standing" by attending 4 consecutive meetings in one month, or attending at least 2 meetings per month for 2 months.



  • You will be entered into an end-of-month drawing for every 2 meetings you attend. The winner will receive a $10 gift card and special feature  as Thespian of the Month on our instagram.

  • Members with regular attendance will be invited to a quarterly pizza party.

  • There will be another drawing in May for Thespian of the Year, and a $50 gift card prize.

New consequences.

  • After getting a warning, if you do not improve attendance, you will be considered "in poor standing" and will be not be allowed to participate in:

    • Quarterly Pizza Party

    • Monthly or end-of year drawings

    • Thespian competitions or award ceremonies

    • Thespian Induction

    • Thespian Banquet

    • Thespian voting or  officership.

    • Wearing Thespian cords, stoles, or medallions at graduation.

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